Central European Finance International Ltd. (Central European Finance International Ltd.) has been working successfully since 1992. It is a fully independent company acting on the basis of its efficient and trustworthy partners.

Operates on a success fee basis only. Has been collecting and restructuring past due debts on behalf of exporters and insurers all over the world.

Recommends to visit the debtor or a future partner to check if the quoted information are true. Our reports contain pictures, partners opinions, available financial data and press release.

Operates in Poland and the whole Eastern Europe, in France and Benelux countries, Middle East, in the USA and in the South Amercia with the emphasis on Argentina.

International debt collection

Our goal is to recover the money for the creditor in the way allowing both sides continue trade relations in the future. We try to find out real reasons for the non-payment which may result in reaching the satisfactory end of the case faster. We work solely on the success fee basis. We do not take the money on our accounts which decreases the performance risks on the case.

Credit report

We believe that on-site visits combined with the verification of the available data are added value and give the creditor many useful information. In our opinion to know that the debtor is still operational tells more than the data from the past financial years. We recommend our clients the check up of the basic information about the future clients before the trade agreement has been signed. The costs of such on-site visit for sure is smaller than the frustration resulting from the transformation of your client into your debtor and the financial gap due to the lack of payments in time.

Receivable insurance

Being active in the field of the international debt collections for last decades we have been able to acquaint with the key players on the market of the export credit insurance. We are able to help exporters insure their receivable in the prime European insurance company. We believe there is no need to give reasons for such an option. The question is not: to insure or not to insure but where and at what price.